TED Prize 2014: Bold Vision to Spark Global Change

I am humbled to discover that some of you have nominated me for the TED Prize 2014.

The $1,000,000 prize is “awarded to an extraordinary individual with a creative and bold vision to spark global change. By leveraging the TED community’s resources and investing $1,000,000 into a powerful idea, the TED Prize supports one wish to inspire the world.” The TED Prize winner will have an ambitious wish–and the vision, pragmatism and leadership to turn it into reality.

This is my TED wish for 2014:

I wish to make the sum of all human knowledge on video openly accessible by anyone, regardless of their age, language, geographical location, or financial status; and use the fruits of automation to escape the cycle of working for survival – by providing for our basic human needs using open source technologies, ubiquitous, democratised, and accessible to all.

This is a great opportunity, and I could not have made it so far without your overwhelming help and support. My sincere thanks for being such a great community, colleagues, and friends.

If you want to nominate me follow this link and click on "Nominate an individual"

TED strongly discourages multiple nominations. If more than five individuals nominate me in identical language, I will be disqualified, so if you want to nominate me use your own words, and don't copy-paste somebody else's text.

The deadline is June 15, only a few days left.

Thank you all.